Specialist in Lord Krishna Pooja

It is extremely effective and brings in prosperity and success. This helps to win our enemies and everything odds. It helps to protect us from the bad powers and evil results. It minimizes the malefic effects of ketu and inflicted seventh house in horoscope. Removes nisantaan dosha and makes your married life happier. For overall materialistic and spiritual development, the devotees offer this puja.

Shri Krishna Puja is dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu, the supreme Lord. This puja brings the blessings of Lord Krishan in life and native attains the good perception to perceive things for good only. Lord Krishna is well known for the victory of truth and religion over evils or demons. He enlightens the path of spirituality and brings success and growth in one’s life by means of truth.

Why Shri Krishna Puja performed

The worship of Lord Sri Krishna is celebrated during the festival called Janmashtami with great splendor and magnificence as believed that during the day, Sri Krishna provided respite to the subjects of Mathura kingdom from the terror of its cruel king, Kansa. The importance of Lord Dwarkadheesh Puja can be understood by the fact that devotees from all parts of India, including citizens of Mathura, celebrate and hail the Lord with mantra chants, folk dances, and a variety of offerings made to the divine almighty, Lord Sri Krishna. Sanctity and devoutness of Nandagopala puja epitomize the festivals like Janmashtami dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna.